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Being a passionate hairdresser of 10 years I am always keeping my eye out for new products that help heal hair damage or save time when washing / drying / styling hair. Having to wrap a big heavy bath towel on your head then trying to brush your teeth or put clothes on is not easy, this is when I first started looking for a better solution. Being a mum of two, I like all mums have no time in my morning routine to do the simplest of things like hair drying. Any where I can cut down the getting ready routine is a must. Having a look online I decided that I wanted 100% cotton fabric for the hair towel as it is very absorbent but SOFT. By using a light weight cotton fabric it cut out the bulk of the normal bath towel. It also has a very smooth surface which was very important to the design of the hair towel, due to the loops of a normal towel being so harsh on the hair strands. With no loops on the hair towel surface it glides over the hair with out pulling or snagging at split ends helping to smooth the hair while drying.  I set about the design and manufacturing process with a strong idea of what I wanted to make. The hair towel needed to be light but very absorbent, hands free to wear and have smooth surface to help prevent hair damage. 

Next the prototype hair towel was made…. I made lots of different sizes at first to see what would be the best shape / length. There are a few hair towels already on the market, ones with buttons to fix the towel in place, ones that are micro fibre, but coming back to the mum brain, I’m half asleep when I get out the shower with no time to be faffing around looking for a button to do up the right way to make the towel stay in place. In my experience the micro fibre towels still feel very rough to touch rather than soft / smooth and although smaller still have some sort of loop to their surface.

After testing I felt the best shape was one that had enough length to twist and wrap a few times and tuck in with a little extra space to accommodate different hair lengths and textures. This worked perfectly with what I call the ‘dressing and bend over/down test!’. Keeping It simple to use as its the same technique you most likely do everyday at the moment. (The hair towel measurements can be found here). 

Public testing commenced ….. after finding the perfect size and shape I set about making a batch to send out to home testers. The results came in with every lady saying they were 100% happy with the hair towel and use it every time they wash their hair since they unwrapped it. The main comments being ‘For the first time in years I'm happy to leave the house with naturally dried hair!’, ‘ It's super soft, lightweight and drys far more quickly than a normal towel.’ (Reviews can be read on Facebook or here). 


The Hair & Towel online shopping website developed at speed to make a home for a wide range of 100% cotton fabric hair towels in lots of different colours to suit everyones favourite. You can also find Hair & Towel hair towels in two hair salons in Essex (and counting!!!).  



Thank you for taking the time to read our story and we wish you happy stress free hair styling!!

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