Hair Towel / Wrap -Coral



.Faster drying time

.Less hair damage (no loops to snap off split ends)

.Super light weight to wear 

.Absorbent & soft


    This soft, absorbent hair towel is made from 100% cotton fabric. It will take care of every hair type by soaking away the water in a gentle but effective way. It is very light in weight leaving you free to go about your morning routine with it wrapped up on your head. By using the cotton hair towel you are helping dry each hair strand in a kind way. The t-shirt (100%) cotton fabric used has no loops (like a normal towel) just a smooth surface which means less snagging and pulling on damaged bleached, coloured, and dry hair. It is also super great for curls & volume too. 

  • HOW TO USE //

    Step 1  Shampoo and Condition your hair.

    Step 2  Flip all your hair over forwards. 

    Step 3  Put your hair towel on starting from the back.

    Step 4  Fold each side under/in and twist, twist, twist all the way to the end.

    Step 5  Flick up and back.

    Step 6  Tuck the tail in / under.

    Step 7  Go about your morning routine, Leave on for as long as you like..


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    Shipping £1.50 - £6 (it will let you know at check out)

    Overseas £9.50 - £16

    Items are sent Mon - Fri 


    Or collect at the Original Button hair salon // Langenhoe Hall Lane, CO5 7NA


    Returns are accepted within 14 days. Please go to the info page for more details. 

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